List of Words Ending in ‘awl’

Here is a list of words that end with ‘AWL.’ There is a total of 28 ‘awl’ ending words with their definition in this list.

Moreover, there are more than 600,000 words in English literature. But many of those words are no longer used in modern English; therefore, we have removed those from this list.


  • Crawling


  • Town, capital of the state of mizoram in eastern india population 229,714


  • Opposing or restricting urban sprawl


  • In or into a sprawling position


  • A pointed tool for marking surfaces or piercing small holes (as in leather or wood)
  • A pointed tool that is used for marking surfaces or for making small holes in leather, wood, etc.
  • A pointed tool for making small holes (as in leather or wood)


  • To cry out loudly and unrestrainedly
  • To cry loudly wail
  • To cry out at the top of one’s voice
  • A loud prolonged cry outcry
  • To cry very loudly


  • To spatter with or as if with saliva


  • An awl with chisel edge used to make holes for brads or screws


  • To quarrel or fight noisily wrangle
  • To make a loud confused noise
  • A noisy quarrel or fight
  • A loud tumultuous noise
  • To fight noisily in usually a public place


  • A wooden basket with handholes instead of handles used especially in cornwall to carry fish


  • A large tenement house especially in the factory cities of india


  • To move on one’s hands and knees
  • To move slowly in a prone position without or as if without the use of limbs
  • To move or progress slowly or laboriously
  • To advance by guile or servility
  • To spread by extending stems or tendrils


  • To speak slowly with vowels greatly prolonged
  • To utter in a slow lengthened tone
  • A drawling manner of speaking
  • To speak slowly with vowel sounds that are longer than usual


  • Variant spelling of MAUL


  • To defeat in a brawl to outdo in brawling


  • A pivoted tongue or sliding bolt on one part of a machine that is adapted to fall into notches or interdental spaces on another part so as to permit motion in only one direction


  • Used for a fiber expansion insert used to fasten screws in masonry


  • Dialectal chiefly british variant of SOUL


  • To write or draw awkwardly, hastily, or carelessly
  • To write awkwardly or carelessly
  • To write or draw (something) very quickly or carelessly
  • To write quickly and carelessly
  • Something written carelessly or without skill


  • A square or oblong usually fabric garment or wrapper used especially as a covering for the head or shoulders
  • To wrap in or as if in a shawl
  • A piece of cloth that is used especially by women as a covering for the head or shoulders
  • A square or oblong piece of cloth used especially by women as a loose covering for the head or shoulders


  • Spit


  • To lie or sit with arms and legs spread out
  • To spread or develop irregularly or without restraint
  • To creep or clamber awkwardly
  • To lie thrashing or tossing about
  • To cause to spread out carelessly or awkwardly


  • Variant spelling of SQUALL


  • To fish with a trawl
  • To make a search as if by trawling
  • Troll sense 1a
  • To catch (fish) with a trawl
  • A large conical net dragged along the sea bottom in gathering fish or other marine life


  • To remove one’s shawl


  • Wail, howl, squall


  • Cry, howl, mewl


  • A ship’s small boat jolly boat
  • A fore-and-aft rigged sailboat carrying a mainsail and one or more jibs with a mizzenmast far aft
  • A sailboat having two masts with the shorter one behind the rudder